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Summer Garden

Summer Garden - the favorite brainchild of Peter I, in park pearl necklace Petersburg.

The first professional garden design made by a Dutch gardener Jan Roozenu (1713 - 1714 gg.). In 1717, Tsar Peter the Great's own hand corrected the plan for the future of the Summer Garden, and then carefully followed his arrangement, going into all the detail of it.

Garden layout is simple: from the Neva inland are three parallel arranged straight alleys, crossed by several perpendicular paths. The natural boundary of the garden from the north and east have become Neva and Fontanka rivers. In the west and in the south of the garden is limited to artificial canals - Swan groove and the channel is connected to the source of the Fontanka river Moika. The northern part of the garden, adjacent to the palace and more richly furnished, was known as the First of the Summer Garden. The southern part, which, along with garden amusement facilities were outbuildings and an orchard, was called the Second Summer Garden.

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