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Special Project «Meet the staff & fall in love». Zina from housekeeping service

Dom Boutique Hotel launches a new project, where introduces the hotel team to the guests.

Within this project we’d like you to see our staff not only as a part of well-coordinated hotel system, but also as a wonderful people with their own stories, individual charm and allure.

Perhaps, you have already met some of the staff, but others are the real fighters of the invisible front. All together they’re those people who create the atmosphere and mood at our DOM.

For each one of them we designed special style to underline their unique characters.

Many thanks to our partner Au Pont Rouge for provising beautiful dresses for a photo shoot.

The first hero is a hotel’s maid Zinaida from housekeeping service.

Zina was born in sunny Moldova, a hairdresser by profession, previously worked as a kindergarten teacher. She is keen of jogging and loves to sunbathe.

At the Dom Boutique Hotel she has been working since its opening.

Moreover, Zina is a real beauty with a hollywood smile!

A small insight from Zina:

The most difficult part in our work is: Сleaning bathrooms. Our guests adore our stylish black color tile bathrooms. I like them too. But at the same time every drop is visible on it. So, we have to clean it very carefully & it takes much time to clean it.

The most pleasant part in our work is: The answer is very simple: grateful guests.