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"Loving Dostoyevsky..." Fyodor and Anna

The exhibition at the Dostoyevsky Literary Memorial Museum is devoted to the 170th anniversary of the writer's wife Anna Grigoryevna Dostoyevskaya.

The exhibition is based on the memoirs from Dostoevsky's spouse diary of 1867, her correspondence with the writer and other documents of the era collected from the Russian archives. It highlights the life of Anna itself (maiden name Snitkina, 1846-1918) from an early age until her death in 1918. Being a wife and assistant to the writer, she always and everywhere was trying to stay in the shadow of her brilliant husband. She was infinitely devoted to Dostoevsky - with his hard life, weathered suffering a serious illness, a difficult temperament and passion for gambling. After Dostoevsky's death the writer’s widow subordinated her life to his memory - publishing his works, creating the museum, working on her memoirs. She also collected his manuscripts, letters, documents and photographs.

Anna Snitkina being 20-years-old met the writer in 1866, when she came to him as a stenographer to help in the literary work. Due to this, Dostoevsky was able to complete the assigned term of his new novel "The Gambler" and avoid severe financial bondage, which threatened him for violation of the terms. The collaboration united the 45-year-old writer and his young assistant, so soon she became his wife and faithful companion for life.

The exhibition will last until December 10.