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The Silk Labyrinth

Exhibition of rare Hermes scarves will be held from June 3 to July 30, 2017 in KGallery.

The exhibition of rare Hermes scarves was organized by Alexander Tsybin and Ekaterina Tsybina - the owners of Maison Carre Foundation, which ranks among the three largest private collections of cult scarves in the world and has more than 700 unique designs.

The Silk Labyrinth exhibition in KGallery will feature 50 scarves of rare Hermes designs, created from 1938 to our days. Each of the items is a work of art and has its own unique history. For 80 years since the beginning of the scarves production the Hermes fashion house has constantly produced limited and special scarves dedicated to celebrities, great political events, the Olympic Games and other major events, monarch's weddings and memorable dates. Some of the scarves were created as gifts and did not go on sale - now collectors fight for them.

All scarves are shown in the illuminated light boxes, which allows to study the beauty of ornament on each silk masterpiece in small details.

Rare Hermes scarves will be exhibited in KGallery from June 3 to July 30, 2017.