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X-Waters Saint Petersburg Swim 2018

In the water area around the Peter&Paul Fortress on August 11-12, 2018 will be held the swimming competition among sportsmen from around the world.

The swim under the name X-Waters Saint Petersburg Swim 2018 will be held around the Hare Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The competition will be attended by 600 athletes from 58 Russian cities and 13 countries, giving swimmers a chance to experience Russia they’ve never imagined. Athletes start and finish in the same place - on the main beach of the fortress with a view of the Winter Palace and the arrow of Vasilievsky Island. Swimmers can choose one of two swim distances: "Fortress" - 2300 meters (one circle) or "Double Fortress" - 4600 meters (two circles). They will have to overcome a strong current in the Kronverkskiy strait.

The athletic event will be held on 11-12 August 2018.