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Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Gangutskaya Street, 4

Boutique hotel in the center of St Petersburg

Hotel History

In 1876 the architect and the painter August Ivanovich Zhoffrio completed the construction of an apartment house number 4 on Gangutskaya street in St. Petersburg.

The french citizen and auditor of the Academy of fine arts built a total of 9 houses in St. Petersburg. They were mostly apartment blocks and mansions.

In his youth he showed great promise at the Academy of fine arts. So in 1857 he with 2 silver medals fer his works on painting and architecture. In 1859 August Zhoffrio received the title of a non-class artist of the Academy, and in 1869 the title of a class artist of third degree.

In the early 2000-ies it was decided to rebuilt the former tenement house into a boutique hotel. The project was commissioned to the London architectural Bureau Project Orange. For several years, the major reconstruction of the building was being carried out, unique modern rooms with designer furniture were being created.