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Carla Tolomeo's Garden of Delights

The fantasy furniture exhibition by an Italian artist and designer is opened at the Sheremetevsky Palace from March 15 to May 21.

Chairs-flowers, quaint sofas and chairs with backs in the form of palms, butterflies or fairy-tale birds - by Carla Tolomeo’s hands pieces of furniture are transformed into sculptures that combine baroque magnificence with the sophisticated surrealism. Using luxurious fabrics, the artist creates a unique atmosphere of a fairy-tale garden.

The exhibition includes more than 50 items of collection furniture, painting and graphics by the Italian artist.

Furniture collection by Carla Tolomeo is exhibited in the auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, decorates the windows of boutiques Blumarine. Among the connoisseurs of her works are the Hermes Museum (Paris, France), the Museum of Decorative Arts (Berlin, Germany), the Museum of Modern Art (Zagreb, Croatia), the Berlusconi family, the royal families of Jordan and Monaco, Sophia Loren, Naomi Campbell and Sylvester Stallone.

Carla Tolomeo began studying painting as a child, in the studio of the famous Italian surrealist-metaphysician Giorgio de Chirico. The first success came to her early - paintings based on the great masters of the past, from Kitagawa Utamaro to Leonardo da Vinci, attracted the interest of professionals in Rome, Milan, Geneva and London. In 1997 Carla Tolomeo had abandoned the "star" contract with a large London gallery, stayed in Milan with her family and sick mother and began making surrealistic rose chairs and fantastic sofas, turning them into swans, butterflies and dolphins. This synthesis of sculpture and furniture was a success in the world of design and quickly brought author the international fame.

The exhibition "Carla Tolomeo's Garden of Delights" is opened in the Sheremetyevsky Palace, in the Museum of Theater and Musical Art from March, 15 to May 21, 2017.