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How dressed the Great Silent

The exhibition, which represents suits of the Cinematographe Lumiere era, in now opened in the Big Peterhof Palace.

In Russia the era of the "Great Silent" began with the presentation of "tableaux" in St. Petersburg's famous garden "Aquarium" on May 1896, and within two months in the Throne Hall of the Big Peterhof Palace mister Lumiere showed "cinematography" to Emperor Nicholas II. The silent cinema’s stars had become trendsetter of style and taste.

The exhibition represents more than 70 items and accessories of a suit of late XIX - early XX century from the collection of the famous St. Petersburg collector Natalia Kostrigina, carefully selected under the influence of the famous actresses: a sophisticated Vera Kholodnaya, fatal beauty Vara Karalli, tender and touching Sophia Goslavskaya.

Subject of social events, the evening reception is dominant in the White Hall exhibition space. Wonderful evening and ball gowns, accessories, and tuxedos, business cards, presented in this part of the exhibition, create the illusion of ballroom atmosphere. The final chord of the exhibition - installation of bridal and wedding dresses made of delicate white tulle, silk, lace.

During the exhibition, the Throne Hall of the Peterhof Grand Palace again, as in 1896, will turn to the cinema. In the center of the room there is a screen showing one of the Lumiere films.

The exhibition will run until 26 March 2017 and is available within the visit to the Peterhof Grand Palace.