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Night of Lights in Gatchina

On August, 12th the Palace park of the Reserve-Museum "Gatchina" will be illuminated by bright colors.

The main concept of the International Festival "Night of Lights in Gatchina" 2017 is based on the idea of travelling around the world of dreams. On the night from 12 to 13 August, 20:00-01:00, the territory of the park will be illuminated by more than 20 light installations provided both by their authors and groups of authors from Russia and other countries.

Walking through the park territory, visitors of the Festival will proceed along the route consisting of multiple dreams embodied in the projection shows, light installations and performances.

Artists will create nine art spaces, each of which is dedicated to different kinds of dreaming, starting from past era’s visions to futuristic fantasies, from erotic dreams to nightmares.

At every turn of any path, bridge or lawn, the atmosphere of the night is changing; piquant dreams are growing into scary, funny or bizarre ones… One can get into the dreams of a teenager, or an old man, an official or a scientist, feel all the shades of emotions, becoming a participant of these visions.