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Fairytale print is the best souvenir

You can see fine textile accessories with Russian ornaments in the Kokosha corner next to the restaurant and purchase at the hotel reception.

KOKOSHA is a project created by Ksenia Kossaya, an artist decorator and an interior designer. Her love for Russian crafts and ornaments, as well as her experience working at a major fashion house prompted her to create her very own brand of textile accessories. The goal of the project is to showcase the beauty and variety of folk ornaments in the context of modern fashion trends. In the imagery of the accessories the author alludes in her own way to the traditions of the decorative arts and crafts of Russia, creating in this way her own unique style in the aesthetics of Russian neo folk.

About creating

4 times a year KOKOSHA presents a new print inspired by some arts and crafts theme or other or by a folk fairy tale story. Every print is designed in several colour schemes and is printed on silk head scarves 65 х 65, 90 х 90 и 132 х 132 cm in size. Seeing how the brand develop in a region where the winter lasts almost six months, special attention is paid to the manufacture of warm cashmere and wool shawls 132 х 132 cm in size. The company also produces silk and wool kimonos and dresses with author's prints.

The assortment includes silver and gilded rings for the head scarves that make your silk scarf a unique accessory.

About the designer

Ksenia Kossaya was born and lives in Moscow. She got her first professional education degree at School of the decorative arts and crafts, then in 1995 she got a job at the Valentin Yudashkin fashion house where she worked for 8 years as a textile and accessories designer. When Ksenia graduated from the Design School in 2003 she joined forces with an architect colleague to open an interior design firm where they designed interiors for public and private spaces in Moscow and other cities across Russia.

In 2015 Ksenia turned a new page in her career as an artist, starting working on the Kokosha project.
As part of this project she only creates what she believes in and truly loves, that she would like to share with others.