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Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Gangutskaya Street, 4


Looking for a cozy getaway in the hotel with your friend, colleagues or family? Enjoy our delicious HIGH WINE where several delicious dishes are served with matching wines.

You will be served the dishes listed below:

  1. Peppers and Squash with Cream Cheese;
  2. Mozzarella with Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto Sauce;
  3. Spicy Nut Crusted Cheese Balls with Bacon;
  4. Bruschetta with Roast Beef and Tonnato Sauce;
  5. Bruschetta with Grilled Zucchini and Pink Pepper;
  6. Bruschetta with Baked Сamembert;
  7. Nuts;
  8. Honey.

The set includes 2 glasses of wine per person.
Each wine is matched to the dishes served.

The price is 1990 rub.