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The Autumn Festival of Lights 2016

The Autumn Festival of Lights 2016

Grandiose multimedia show will take a place on St. Isaac's Square from 4th to 5th November, 2016.

St. Petersburg has deservedly won the title of one of the leading capitals of the lighting design in the world. The show’s premiere was held in the city this spring at the Ostrovsky Square, where historic buildings and even a monument to Catherine the Great came to life with the help of incredible lighting technologies. This time, for two days, from 4th and 5th November, the play of light will touch the facades of the architectural ensemble of St. Isaac's Square. St. Isaac's Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace and the surrounding area will plunge into the colorful fantasy world of illusions. Unique three-dimensional images are being managed to convey by newest 3D-mapping format.

The Autumn Festival of Lights 2016

Festival organizers promise the audience not only an amazing installation and large-scale multimedia performance. Presentation of 20 minutes duration will be repeated up to several times in the evening and will be grandiose. In addition to light projections Festival will present a variety of ballet performances and musical events. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to take a picture with fabulous view of a whole main square of Saint Petersburg.